Study in Canada

Study in Canada

  • Canada is a first-world country with suave modern infrastructure, friendly people, and an incredible natural environment, unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.
  • With over 9.9 million square kilometres of land, it’s the second-largest country in the world making for an incredible array of things to do and places to explore. Plus, it’s lush and green, containing 10% of the world’s forest cover.
  • Having been consistently ranked in the top 10 countries to live since 1994, it’s, without doubt, a fantastic destination for an international study experience and a welcome place for people of all nationalities.

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Study in Canada

Students from all over the world travel to study and build their careers in Canada, which is a developing international education center. Canadian universities offer the same degree of high-quality education compared to those in other industrialized countries.

In addition to this, Canada’s universities benefit from a high quality of life and significantly cheaper tuition costs. One of the nicest nations in the world is Canada, which has earned that distinction. For international students, it is likewise regarded as one of the greatest places to live and study.

Studying in Canada gives you the chance to do so in a place with a vibrant cultural atmosphere and a top-notch educational system. Students who are enthusiastic about their education are more likely to succeed and get a job in Canada.


Education System

Canada is a rising international education hub where students from all over the world come to study and further their professions. Canadian universities provide the same level of superior education as those in other developed nations.

Additionally, Canadian institutions enjoy a good standard of living and much lower tuition fees. Canada has established itself as one of the world’s friendliest countries. It is also recognized as one of the best places to live and study by international students. You can have the opportunity to study in a country with a world-class educational system and a lively cultural environment by choosing to do so in Canada. Successful students are more likely to be those who are passionate about their studies.


Why Canada

The first step in making plans to study abroad is to decide the nation you wish to attend university in. Here we’ll address your questions on why study in Canada from Nepal if you’re thinking about making that country your study abroad destination. The first and most crucial aspect is the high standard of instruction offered by Canadian colleges and universities at a reasonable cost.

These are the main arguments in favor of choosing Canada for studying abroad:

Reasonable tuition costs

Better Workplace Conditions and Education Institution Safety

Possibility of Employment with a Working Visa after Graduation


Cost of Education

It is common knowledge that studying in Canada is far cheap than in other top study-abroad countries. Depending on the field of study and the university, the average overall cost to study in Canada from Nepal is about CA$26,000 per year*. On average, it might cost CA$ 29,000 per year to study more costly subjects like engineering and medicine.


Visa Requirement

Apply for Admission with the Following Requirements: Academic Records, IELTS, Valid Passport, Bio-data, and Cover Letter

Request an ID and an aptitude test date

Agreement and Letter of Offer

Paying the tuition


LOE (Letter of Expectations) Medical Letter

Lodge a visa



Health Cover

Health insurance is a requirement for all overseas students. Nevertheless, there are regional differences. You will need to make arrangements for private health insurance coverage in provinces where overseas students are not covered by provincial health care systems.

It is advised that you buy private health insurance before your travel to ensure that you are protected in all scenarios as an international student studying in Canada. According to the Canada Insurance Plan, the typical annual premium for health insurance is between $600 and $900 CAD.


Place to Study


Numerous prestigious Canadian institutions are located in Toronto, the capital city of Ontario. It is recognized as one of the best global cities with a diverse population. Toronto clearly welcomes students from all over the world, from Africa and Europe to Asia, as seen by the astounding 50% of its population that is considered to be a “Visible minority.” This region of Canada has a staggering 160 languages in use, which says a lot about how well-liked Toronto is among immigrants. The QS global rankings place Toronto as the eleventh-best student city in the world.



On the QS list of the Best Student Cities for 2019, Montreal is ranked sixth. It features several prestigious universities, making it one of the top alternatives for international students who want to study in Canada. Although the city falls short on the affordability scale, its excellent standard of living makes up for it. In addition, Montreal is ranked second in the “Student View Rank” list (QS World Rankings 2020), suggesting that international students are more likely to choose Montreal than other Canadian locations for their academic pursuits. The beauty of this city is graced by the overwhelming fusion of diverse civilizations, and this region of the country is unmatched for its people’s warm welcome and tolerance.



This coastal port, which is part of the province of British Columbia, is widely known for the high standard of education and tranquility of its residents. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, this city is “among the best locations to live in the entire globe.” Vancouver is undoubtedly a great place for foreign students from various backgrounds to pursue higher education, with an estimated 50% of the population being a member of a minority group. In this region of the country, English and French are widely spoken. Additionally, Vancouver is regarded as the 16th best city for students (QS World Rankings 2019). Vancouver offers more than just educational opportunities; it also has stunning scenery and other incredible activities like hiking and skydiving.



Ottawa was ranked as the 45th best student city in the world by QS World Rankings in 2019. With top-notch educational facilities and experienced instructors, choosing to pursue higher education in this city is a decision that is very simple for students. The way of life and diversity of the population only serves to inspire their pupils. It seems to sense that students from all over the world pick Ottawa given the enormous number of immigrants from regions like Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ottawa is undoubtedly one of the best cities for students, with highly reasonable housing, transportation, and work prospects.

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