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Study in Australia

Education system in Australia

Study in Australia

Since you are reading this, it is clear that you intend to transfer from Nepal to Australia to complete your studies. Please call our Nepali student hotline if you have any questions about the procedure described here. Australia is the third most popular study destination in the world for international students because it is a secure country with a good quality of living and is a great place to study and travel. The nation regularly attracts students from around the world due to its dynamic lifestyle, welcoming culture, and excellent educational facilities.


Why Australia

Australia is such a preferred destination for students from Nepal because of the following reasons:

A friendly and secure society

Many course options

Similar to Nepal’s climate

A better way of life

40 hours maximum per fortnight

Lenient visa regulations

Prestigious universities

Cheaper cost of living

After-study work permit

Internationally recognized degree


Admission Requirement


Academic: 10+2 with 2.5 CGPA or Equivalent.
IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent.


Academic: Bachelor with 50% or Equivalent.
IELTS 6.5 or Equivalent.


Academic: 60% or Equivalent.
IELTS:7.0 or Equivalent.


Visa Requirement

Application for a visa

Copies of identification cards and passport photos

Self-adhesive name and address labels that are four filled

A passport-size picture (not older than six months)

Official school records (photocopy)

IELTS score report

Results of a criminal history check

Financial records

Documentation for monetary deposits as proof

X-ray results and medical reports

Evidence that the student is covered by an overseas student health plan for the whole term of the visa.


Cost of Education

The typical annual cost for foreign undergraduates is about $23400 approx.

It costs between US $1600 to $29600 for a master’s degree.

It costs somewhere between $11200 and $29600 to obtain a doctorate.


Health Cover

The price of OSHC varies based on the kind of coverage needed. For a minimum of 12 months, individual coverage costs AUD$478; couples coverage costs $2,600; and families’ coverage costs $4,200. (As of September 2021).


Place to Study


Melbourne, the nation’s cultural center and frequently hailed as the greatest city in Australia for foreign students, is rated sixth in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2022. With more than 91,000 foreign students living there, it is one of the most livable cities in the world. This city is a popular tourist destination and a great place to indulge in shopping and delectable cuisine. Australia is home to several reputable companies, like BHP Group and Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Even the city benefits from the presence of regional offices of national organizations like the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Business Council of Australia.

Well-known Universities

Brisbane University of Technology

Monash University

La Trobe University

University of RMIT

Victoria University



The largest city in Australia, Sydney, is ranked number eight in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2022. The city provides a bustling way of life with a variety of locations to spend your free time, including beautiful beaches, restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, shopping malls, and internationally known sites like the Sydney Opera House. Due to the presence of headquarters for corporations like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, there is no shortage of excellent professional prospects.

Top Universities

University of Sydney

Sydney UNSW

University of Technology

Macquarie University

Western Sydney University



In the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2022, Brisbane, the third-most populated city, is ranked 29th. It is one of the most reasonably priced places in the nation to live and study in. You can explore lucrative employment prospects in industries like education, healthcare, and technology after earning your degree from reputable colleges. Don’t forget to check out the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the city’s yearly cultural events when you have free time.

Leading universities

University of Queensland

The University of Technology in Queensland

Griffith University



Due to affordable housing, it is one of the most sought-after destinations for foreign students. It is an excellent location for participating in exceptional studying possibilities and sporting activities including climbing, trekking, cycling, and hiking. It is ranked 35th on the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2022. Spending weekends in Barossa Valley or Kangaroo Island will allow you to explore the area around the city.

Leading universities

University of Adelaide

Australian University of South

University of Flinders



In the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2022, Perth has the same position as Adelaide. Another city that welcomes students where you may spend your free time discovering film and arts festivals, beaches, and other cultural landmarks. International students are drawn to the United States every year for a variety of reasons, including the promising career opportunities and the expanding need for graduates in the education, retail, and healthcare industries.

Leading universities

Australian University of Western

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University

Curtin University

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