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In order to measure specific analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management school, such as an MBA, the Graduate Management Admission Exam (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test (CAT). It involves knowledge of particular types of algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. It also requires knowledge of specific types of grammar. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns the exam, claims that the GMAT measures analytical writing and problem-solving capabilities in addition to data sufficiency, logic, and critical reasoning abilities that are crucial for success in real-world business and management. Up to five times a year are permitted for use. Only eight times in all. At least 16 days must pass between each attempt.


Verbal Reasoning 36 multiple choice questions in 65 minutes
Sentence Correction This question assesses your ability to edit written content to ensure that it adheres to ‘standard written English.
Critical Reasoning This question assesses your ability to comprehend and assess arguments.
Reading Comprehension This quiz assesses your ability to read and comprehend written content.
Integrated Reasoning This portion has 12 questions and takes 30 minutes to complete.
Quantitative Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning is a type of reasoning that is based on numbers (31 multiple choice questions in 62 minutes
Problem Solving This question assesses basic mathematical skills, comprehension of basic Math topics, and quantitative reasoning ability.
Data Sufficiency This question assesses your ability to analyze a quantitative problem, identify which bits of information are relevant, and determine whether enough information is available to solve a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The approximate cost of making a GMAT appointment is $250.

  1. Every 12 months, you are allowed to take the GMAT up to five times.

  1. A. Yeah, they will take a look at your exam results from the previous five years. Your GMAT exam results from the last five years will be listed on your score report.

  1. A rescore of the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) component is available to applicants. It cannot be used for the GMAT’s Quantitative, Verbal, or IR Prep sections.

  1. The candidate must have a current passport, an appointment confirmation letter that they received while registering for the exam, and a recent passport photo.

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