Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

  • New Zealand is a wholly charming picturesque country, with an abundance of natural beauty and exhilarating adventure at every turn. For students wanting to cherish their study abroad experience for years, New Zealand has a lot to offer. Right from providing an excellent opportunity to study in top-notch universities, to experiencing a multi-cultural scenario, to diving into the numerous adventure activities, studying in New Zealand is the perfect place for those students who aim to live an edgy life.
  • New Zealand also comes across as highly modern, safe, and prosperous, with boundless opportunity for people of all nationalities. All 8 of New Zealand’s universities rank in the Top 100 QS World University Rankings for 2017. So not only is it a beautiful place to live in but also a great place to attain quality education.
  • According to the Global Peace Index for 2018, New Zealand ranked as the 2nd safest country in the world, inspiring students across the globe to gravitate towards studying in New Zealand.

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Study in New Zealand

A nation of abundant natural beauty and thrilling adventure, New Zealand is utterly endearing and attractive. New Zealand has a lot to offer students who wish to remember their study abroad experience for years. Studying in New Zealand is the ideal location for students who want to lead an adventurous life, from giving them the chance to study at prestigious colleges to giving them the chance to experience a multicultural setting and participate in a variety of adventure activities.


Education System

Passport or travel authorization

Financial documents from the college or university that made the offer.

Health conditions

Application for a student visa, a police clearance certificate, and an additional information form

Visa application fees for photographs

Request letter


Why New Zealand

Students from Nepal are increasingly choosing New Zealand as their study-abroad destination in recent years. New Zealand is a popular study-abroad location for foreign and Nepalese students for the reasons listed below:


Internationally Recognized Qualifications

A significant emphasis on both academics and welfare

Opportunity for immigration and job search

English is extensively used

Fantastic climatic conditions

A safe, green, and clean nation

Code of Conduct


Admission Requirement


Academic: 10+2 with 2.5 CGPA or Equivalent.
IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent.


Academic: Bachelor with 50% or Equivalent.
IELTS 6.0 or Equivalent.


Visa Requirement

An interesting letter from a reputable academic institution

Your passport’s validity must last for a minimum of three months after your trip to New Zealand is over.

Filled-out application for a student visa.

Obtain preliminary acceptance (AIP).

Evidence that you have paid your college tuition or have the resources to do so.

As proof of moral character, medical certificates and police clearances are acceptable forms of identification.

Proof of the intended return.

IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT scores, among others, are examples of English language proficiency test results.


Cost of Education

The cost of tuition fees vary depending on the university and degree kind. To pay for tuition, it will take between NZ$ 22,000 and NZ$ 35,000 per year (roughly).

Courses in medicine and engineering will probably be more expensive than those in education, the humanities, and the arts. Similar to undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses have increased tuition rates, and the price varies by program.


Health Cover

All overseas students must get medical insurance before beginning their studies in New Zealand. Many colleges and schools in New Zealand have started offering extensive health insurance policies to overseas students. This is relevant so long as the program is still running and will eventually come to an end.

Similarly, some colleges do not provide insurance plans; in such cases, students must get private health insurance. The average annual cost of medical insurance in New Zealand is between $200 and $700 (approx.).


Place to Study


Some of New Zealand’s top universities are located in Auckland. Every year, a sizable number of students from various countries flock to the city. Many Indian students prioritize studying in Auckland. In terms of New Zealand’s best student cities, Auckland came in at number 18 and is home to several reputable universities. The finest city in New Zealand for international students is without a doubt Auckland.


Christchurch, known as the Garden City of New Zealand, is well-known for its top-notch educational facilities and a variety of exciting attractions. According to QS, Christchurch is one of the top 50 student cities in the world. Christchurch welcomes students from all around the world who are seeking a top-notch education.


The economic and social activities of New Zealand are centered in Wellington. It serves as the nation’s capital. One of the most sought-after alternatives for overseas students is to study in Wellington. Indian students favor attending a Wellington-based university that offers a stimulating learning environment to foreign students. Because Wellington’s colleges and universities are so conveniently accessible, students may quickly realize their desire of attending school there without having to put in a lot of work.


With a little more than 50,000 residents, Invercargill is one of the cities on the South Island. The area provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere in which to live and study. Invercargill’s universities, in contrast to those in neighboring cities, rank well in terms of academic excellence.


Dunedin has a rich literary history and is home to several organizations, corporations, and institutions. There are several colleges in Dunedin where you may continue your undergraduate as well as professional and graduate education. Many of Dunedin’s institutions are renowned for providing professional degrees.

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