Study in the USA

Study in the USA

  • Higher studies in the USA is a dream for many International students. Often looked up to as the leader of the free world, one can find numerous top-ranking universities and educational institutions in the USA that provide globally recognized degrees.

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Study in USA

There are many different reasons why students decide to study in the US. Quality, selection, and value are some of them.

More than 1,000,000 students choose to further their education and experience life in the United States at one of the country’s colleges or universities, making the United States home to the biggest foreign student population in the world. International students now make up around 5% of all students in American higher education, and the percentage is rising. International education in the USA has advanced significantly since the mid-1950s when enrolment of foreign students had only passed 35,000.


Education System

You might be wondering how colleges and universities fit into the greater US higher education system as an overseas student. Between the ages of six and 18, students in America are expected to attend school in what is known as grades, which span from first through twelfth.

The last year of primary school, or elementary school, is the fifth grade. Middle school, sometimes known as junior high school, lasts from sixth to eighth grade. Both occupational training and courses that prepare students for college can be found in secondary education.

Students have two alternatives for post-secondary education after graduating from high school: higher education (four-year bachelor’s degree program) or vocational training.



The US is recognized for providing students with a top-notch education and is home to more than 1 million foreign students from all over the world. These are the main justifications we’d like to offer if you ask us why foreign students choose to study in the United States:

International rankings and recognition exist for US universities.

Excellent employment prospects and rates

Many options for institutions and courses

Multiple states with a wide range of landscape options

A thriving cultural environment


Cost of Education

The US is one of the most well-liked and costly countries in the world for higher education. Before discounting a nation because of its initial cost, it is worthwhile looking into all available sources of finance and financial help.

The annual cost of tuition ranges from $5,000 to $50,000 (£4,470 to £44,700). Most undergraduate degrees require four years to complete.


Visa Requirement

Advisory letter from the Ministry of Education

Admission receipt from a university or college (original)

With adequate cash, the most recent bank statement is available.

Electronic application (Link to Online Study Visa Application)

Copies of your passport and your most recent Nepal visa

Birth certificate and marriage license (For those applying for their spouse and children as dependents)

Report Card for Progress (for renewal of Student Visa)

Letter of appointment or offer from a Nepali academic institution (eg -University)


Health Cover

If you’ve been considering studying abroad, you might need to make arrangements for money to cover your medical costs while you’re there. In many nations, medical care is neither free nor inexpensive. Therefore, having student health insurance can prevent you from having to pay astronomical medical expenditures. More crucially, depending on the nation and university you choose to attend, health insurance is required.

Even a little injury or toothache can occasionally cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, for individuals who are studying abroad, investing in student health care is an essential move. The cost of a yearly insurance plan depends on a number of variables, including how long you intend to study and the type of coverage you require. Such a plan may cost, on average, $500 to $1,000 annually.


Place to Study


Boston, a sizable and populated city within the state of Massachusetts, is situated on the northeastern coast of the United States. Many educational and commercial institutions may be found in the nearby metropolitan area, and Boston Harbor serves as a significant shipping hub for the region’s coast.

Close by colleges

You have undoubtedly heard of Harvard University. This prestigious university is located in Boston, and it is the ambition of many overseas students. One of the greatest places to receive an education in the USA is in Cambridge Town.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, is another elite university.

The Boston and Cambridge metropolitan areas are home to Tufts, Brandeis, and Boston universities.

There are very few areas in the USA with such limited access to higher education. Therefore, while making a short list of the top universities in the USA, thoroughly investigate Boston.


New York

There are several highly regarded universities in New York.

Location: New York, known as “the city that never sleeps,” is one of the most populated areas in the northeastern United States. One of the most well-known locations in the USA is the city, which is located where the Hudson River empties into the ocean. New York City, sometimes known as NYC, is frequently referred to as the global corporate and financial center.


Universities close by

There are a number of significant educational institutions in the metropolitan region nearby. The greatest universities in the USA for a top-notch education are Columbia University and New York University. Among the other prominent universities are Barnard College, Cooper Union, Fordham University, and Rockefeller University.

Check out these institutions if you have a creative streak and wish to pursue your skill professionally:

The Parsons School of Design and the New York Film Academy

School of Juilliard

“School of Visual Arts”

Additionally, there are several research facilities in the region dedicated to studying many topics, including technology, medicine, and cancer.


San Francisco

San Francisco is in the state of California, in the Bay Area, on the other side of the contiguous United States. There are several hills inside the city borders, and several islands and other sizable cities are nearby. One of the best areas in the USA for international students is in California, which serves as a center for economic, educational, and commercial activities.

Universities close by

Along with San Francisco State University, the University of California, San Francisco is one of the region’s main university systems. Both of these provide excellent degrees in a range of subject areas.

The University of San Francisco Hastings College of the Law and Golden Gate University is a few further prestigious universities.

In addition to these, there are various more specialized learning facilities, including:

California Institute of Integral Studies California Culinary Academy of Art University San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

San Francisco may be your greatest option if you’re seeking for the top places to study in the USA.



Your ideal lodging will depend on your budget, your college, and a number of other considerations.

Chicago is frequently referred to as the “Windy City” and is situated in Illinois on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan. The Chicago River and the Calumet River both run through the city, which is renowned for its architecture, neighborhoods, and lake beaches.

Universities close by

The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and others are among the oldest institutions in Chicago.

Institute of Technology of Illinois


Loyola University Chicago is among the other great universities.

SAIC Saint Xavier University SAIC Chicago State University.

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